Day 2 - Thursday, 17 October

Start End Session Type Session Titles
07:30 08:30 Satellite Symposium

Roche Satellite Symposium

Diabetes in Children and Adolescents: Solutions for Day to Day Challenges
Chair: Peter Adolfsson (Sweden)

Pump Therapy helping Children to engage in Competitive Sports
Peter Adolfsson (Sweden)

Benefits of a Bolus Calculator for Young People on MDI – Results from the ABACUS trial
David Cavan (UK)

Continuous Intraperitoneal Insulin Infusion in Pediatric Patients – Experience with the new DiaPort System
Eric Renard (France)

08:45 10:15 Plenary session II

Therapies for beta cell replacement on the horizon
Chairs: Henk Veeze (Netherlands)

Islet cell tranplantation
Eelco de Koning (Netherlands)

Bringing mesenchymal stem cells into the clinic
Katarina Le Blanc (Sweden)

Autologous transplantation - proof of principle without autoimmunity
Melena Bellin (USA)

10:45 12:15 Oral Session IV Diabetes care, education and psychological issues I
10:45 12:15 Oral Session V Diabetes care, education and psychological issues II
10:45 12:15 Oral Session VI Diabetes care, education and psychological issues III
12:30 13:30 Satellite Symposium

Sanofi Diabetes Satellite Symposium

Improving Management of young people with Type 1 Diabetes from early childhood to young adulthood
Chairs: Thomas Danne (Germany), Barbara Anderson (United States)

Introduction and welcome
Thomas Danne (Germany), Barbara Anderson (United States)

How can we overcome challenges and improve the management of type 1 diabetes (T1D) in children?
Thomas Danne (Germany)

Factors affecting glycemic control and burden of diabetes care in teens and young adults with T1D: opportunities for improvement?
Lori Laffel (United States)

Panel discussion: Key innovative initiatives that will change the future management of young patients with T1D
Thomas Danne (Germany), Barbara Anderson (United States), Lori Laffel (United States)

Thomas Danne (Germany), Barbara Anderson (United States)

13:45 14:45 Poster Tours Poster Tours
14:45 16:15 Symposium IV

New treatments for type 1 diabetes
Chairs: Carine de Beaufort (Luxembourg), Henrik Mortensen (Denmark)

C-peptide and microvascular complications of diabetes – Therapeutic possibilities
John Wahren (Sweden)

Faster and slower insulins
Andreas Pfützner (Germany)

GLP-1, DPPIV inhibitors and metformin
Brian Kennon (UK)

14:45 16:15 Symposium V

Can Person-Centered Care improve metabolic control and quality of life?
Chairs: Alexandra Greene (UK), Alan Delamater (USA)

Introduction to Person-Centered Care
Inger Ekman (Sweden)

Improving diabetes care for minority group adolescents – a stance in perceptions, attitudes, communication and context
Marianne Törner (Sweden)

UK: Communication in patient-centered care
John Gregory (UK)

Can person-centered care improve metabolic control and quality of life?
David Marrero (USA)

14:45 16:15 Symposium VI

Most girls will become mothers - issues in different types of diabetes?
Chairs: Lynda Fisher (USA), Kim Donaghue (Australia)

Pre-preconceptional counseling; does the type of diabetes make a difference?
Graham Leese (UK)

Maternal and perinatal outcome of pregnancies complicated by type 1 diabetes. Can we do any better?
Ulf Hanson (Sweden)

Which contraceptives should we recommend for our adolescents with diabetes?
Ethel Codner (Chile)

16:45 18:15 Satellite Symposium Eli Lilly Satellite Symposium

Modern Communication in the Treatment of Adolescents with Diabetes
Chair: Ragnar Hanas (Sweden)

Welcome & Introduction
Ragnar Hanas (Sweden)

Social Media and Apps
Maartje de Wit (Netherlands)

Diabetes Games on the Internet and in Apps
Peter Adolfsson (Sweden)

Websites Like
Jeff Hitchcock (United States)

Discussion and Closing Remarks
Ragnar Hanas (Sweden)