Day 3 - Friday, 18 October

Start End Session Type Session Titles
07:30 08:30 Satellite Symposium Dexcom Satellite Symposium

Using Real Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring with Pediatrics – Practical Applications in Clinical Practice
Chair: Przemyslawa Jarosz-Chobot (Poland)

Pediatric Experience with Dexcom G4 PLATINUM: Sensor Performance and Clinical Application
Lori Laffel (United States)
Recommendations and Best Practices for CGM Reimbursement
Przemyslawa Jarosz-Chobot (Poland)

Practical Tips and Tricks with Using Dexcom G4 PLATINUM in Pediatrics
Keri L. Weindel (United States)
07:45 08:30 Meeting

IDF Life for a Child Program – update and mentoring opportunities
Graham Ogle (Australia)

08:45 10:15 Plenary session III

The Scylla and Charybdis of brain function; between hyper- and hypoglycemia
Chairs: Fergus Cameron (Australia), Marit Bjørgaas (Norway)

Lestradet Award Lecture - Mona Salem (Egypt)

The impact of glycemic extremes on the developing brain: Neuroimaging evidence
Tamara Hershey (USA)

What causes neurocognitive dysfunction in children with diabetes: recurrent hypoglycemia, chronic hyperglycemia, or ???
Christopher Ryan (USA)

The highs and lows of metabolic stress in type 1 diabetes: clinical and psychological considerations
Rory McCrimmon (UK)

10:45 12:15 Oral Session VII Diabetes epidemiology and monogenic forms of diabetes
10:45 12:15 Oral Session VIII Genetics and Immunology
10:45 12:15 Oral Session IX Pumps and sensors
12:30 13:30 Satellite Symposium

A. Menarini Diagnostics Satellite Symposium

Telemedicine in diabetes management: new perspective
Chair: Thomas Danne (Germany)

GlucoLog Mobile app, the Netherlands experience
G.J. van der Burg (Netherlands)

GlucoLog Lite app, the Croatian experience
Veselin Škrabić (Croatia)

GlucoLog DKA Expert, how to manage the DKA with the technology’s support
Ivonne Sponzilli (Italy)

12:30 13:30 Satellite Symposium

Medtronic Satellite Symposium

Breakthrough results in preventing severe hypoglycaemia through advanced technology
Chair: Henk Veeze (Netherlands)

Evidence on the prevention of severe hypoglycaemia
Trang Ly (United States)

Sensor & Technology Innovation: the future's bright
Rajiv Shah (United States)

13:45 14:45 Poster Tours Poster Tours
14:45 16:15 Symposium VII

Nutrition and carbohydrate counting: what should be included?
Chairs: Lori Laffel (USA)

Carbohydrate counting and glycemic control in youth with type 1 diabetes: is counting carbohydrates sufficient?
Heidi Quinn (USA)

Do fat and protein need insulin? The complex food counting in meal-bolus calculation
Ewa Pankowska (Poland)

How do we get teenagers interested in bolus calculations?
David Cavan (UK)

14:45 16:15 Symposium VIII

Pancreas cross-talks with other organs
Chairs: Carlo Acerini (UK)

Brain pancreas cross talk
Mark Evans (UK)

Gut pancreas crosstalk
Peter Bang (Sweden)

The liver-beta-cell circuit
David Dunger (UK)

14:45 16:15 Symposium IX

VIDIS Symposium: Viruses and diabetes: candidates, targets and mechanisms
Chairs: Maria Craig (Australia), Gun Frisk (Sweden)

Enteroviruses in the hormone producing cells at diagnosis in diabetes and in thyroid autoimmune disease
Knut Dahl-Jørgensen (Norway)

Role of influenza viruses in the etiopathogenesis of diabetes
Lorenzo Piemonti (Italy)

Enterovirus infection in the pancreas
Sarah Richardson (UK)

16:30 18:00 ISPAD Annual General Meeting ISPAD Annual General Meeting