Day 4 - Saturday, 19 October

Start End Session Type Session Titles
08:00 09:30 Plenary Session IV

Long-term diabetes complications
Chairs: Hans-Jacob Bangstad (Norway), Kenneth Robertson (UK)

Young Investigator Award

Metabolic memory
Marcus Lind (Sweden)

Long-term diabetes complications – the global perspective – situation and resource availability
Graham Ogle (Australia)

Cancer as a long term complication in T1DM and T2DM
Ulf Smith (Sweden)

10:00 11:30 Symposium X

Clinical outcomes from population-based diabetes registries
Chairs: Reinhart Holl (Germany), Catherine Pihoker (USA)

Scandinavian pediatric registries: NordDiabKids
Jannet Svensson (Denmark)

Do our pediatric patients get complications as young adults?
Isabelle Steinick (Sweden)

Lessons from Scotland
Kenneth Robertson (UK)

10:00 11:30 Symposium XI

Successful initiatives in emerging countries: GPED Symposium
Chairs: Kuben Pillay (South Africa), Banshi Saboo (India)

Sudan: childhood diabetes teams
Mohamed Abdullah (Sudan)

India: MDI in a poor population
Santosh Gupta (India)

China: World Diabetes Foundation project on diabetes in children
Xiaoping Luo (China)

How can IDF help in improving care for children?
Michael Hirst (UK)

10:00 11:30 Symposium XII

Type 2 diabetes, twice as bad?
Chairs: Silvia Arslanian (USA), Gun Forsander (Sweden)

Is type 2 diabetes more dangerous than type 1 diabetes?
Ram Weiss (Israel)

Which are the drugs of choice in the teenager with type 2 diabetes?
Philip Zeitler (USA)

Should we use bariatric surgery in teenagers with diabetes?
Claude Marcus (Sweden)

12:00 13:30 Plenary Session V

Artificial pancreas projects; how far away is the closed loop? JDRF Symposium
Chairs: Marian Rewers (USA), Thomas Danne (Germany)

DREAM project (Germany, Israel, Slovenia)
Moshe Phillip (Israel)

Cambridge automated closed loop system (UK)
Carlo Acerini (UK)

Artificial Pancreas Project (USA)
Aaron Kowalski (USA)