Declaration of ISPAD: from Kos to Kwa Zulu

In 1993, on the Greek island of Kos, at the Annual Meeting of ISPAD a declaration of intent on how to support and serve young people with diabetes was agreed. This was published in 1994 in Pediatrics (Bruno Weber, Stuart Brink 1994; 94; A26). The details of the declaration were as follows:

”¢    insulin available for ALL
”¢    reduce morbidity and mortality of acute complications or missed diagnosis.
”¢    age-appropriate care and education accessible to ALL
”¢    to increase the availability of monitoring equipment for ALL
”¢    encourage research
”¢    to prepare and disseminate written guidelines and standards for practical and realistic care.

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At a recent meeting of the African Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Endocrinology (ASPAE) in Kwa Zulu, Natal Province, Republic of South Africa the declaration was re-visited in the light of a vigorous discussion about services and approaches to managing diabetes in the young. At the meeting there was representation from a wide spectrum of African countries, some resource rich others very resource poor. A new declaration emerged which was supported by the delegates.

The themes of the declaration were discussed on a recent deputation to India, where Centres involved in the “Changing Diabetes in Children - CDiC®” were visited, together with large professional meetings involving Diabetologists and Paediatricians.

The new declaration contains several new themes relevant to delivering the best care of children and adolescents across the world, reflecting the advances in care and management. I believe they represent the ideas and philosophy of ISPAD and I recommend them to you.

Please look at the declaration; offer critique where you think this is appropriate. After taking in your views and comments we will then be able to offer to ISPAD a new Declaration, which I have named after Kwa Zulu, the origin of the new declaration and the origin of the human species.

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Stephen Greene
President ISPAD