ISPAD Faces: Q&A with Secretary General, Carine de Beaufort

How would you describe you job as Secretary General? So in short: What’s your daily business as a Secretary General?
Daily business as Secretary General is diverse and is mainly characterized by the fact that no day is the same. A large number of mails need reaction and there are the practical aspects around the prizes and fellowship announcements, new nominations for officers, post graduate courses, and how to get those in regions where they are most needed. It is a challenge but impressive and motivating to see how passionate colleagues manage to create care for children with diabetes worldwide

Do you like it?
Absolutely, it is fascinating to collaborate and learn what is going on around the world. To hear from local heroes setting up clinics sometimes with almost nothing and managing to get diabetes on the map at a national level. Recent success to be named is certainly what happens in Nigeria where insulin will be offered for free to children.

What is your personal vision for ISPAD?
Continue to structure the ongoing work, create even more transparency and larger involvement of all members. Stimulate exchange between different stakeholders around children with diabetes to ensure optimal outcome.

In just one sentence, please answer: Why are you an ISPAD Member and why would you recommend ISPAD delegates to join the society?
To exchange with colleagues in different healthcare professional fields, learn from others, and with others, share the best care models, and having a laugh and a cry together to improve the care for children and adolescents with diabetes, who will have this complex challenge every minute, day after day.