ISPAD nominees for the office

Dear ISPAD Members,

The following ten candidates have been nominated for the ISPAD Advisory Board 2014-2016. Three of the physicians (of seven candidates) and one HCP (of three candidates) should be selected for the Advisory Board:
Click the link and see the candidates (Advisory Council Member 2014-2016)

The following candidate has been nominated for the office of Treasurer:
Click the link and see the candidate (Treasurer of ISPAD 2015-2017)

E-Voting will open within the next weeks and will close 48 hours before the ISPAD 40th Anniversary Conference in Toronto, Canada. Remember that only members who have paid their membership fees for 2014-2015 will be able to vote. The outcome of the e-voting will be presented at the ISPAD Annual General Meeting on September 5, 2014.


Kind regards
Carine de Beaufort
ISPAD Secretary General

* Picture presents the new ISPAD President (2014-2016) - Ragnar Hanas. The Advisory Council will support the President in improving diabetes care in children and adolescents.