ISPAD Postgraduate Teaching Meeting in Baku

Azerbeijan, February 2013

On 14 - 15 February 2013 ISPAD held its first postgraduate teaching meeting in conjunction with the IDF affiliated Life for a Child.

Kenneth Robertson, Przemysława Jarosz-Chobot and Scott Williamson were hosted in Baku, Azerbaijan by Gunduz Ahmadov, a local paediatric endocrinologist and diabetologist. The inspiration for the meeting came from Graham Ogle and Gunduz following a visit to Azerbaijan by Graham and discussion at the ISPAD Annual Conference.

The meeting was generously supported by the Azerbaijan Novo Nordisk affiliate and this allowed delegates from all the regions of the country to attend the two days of lectures and case discussion. As is always true in such situations, much of the discussion centred around the tension between the need to improve blood glucose control and the availability of the necessary tools. Life for a Child has been helping with monitoring equipment and supplies but this remains an obstacle for many patients. Gunduz has been working for many years to improve training for medical staff throughout the country and we hope that this very stimulating meeting will prove a turning point in galvanising his colleagues into regular collaborative meetings.

by Kenneth J. Robertson