ISPAD Prizes 2014 go to...

ISPAD would like to congratulate all prize winners in 2014 and would like to thank those, whose grants have made these awards possible.

ISPAD Prize for Achievement - William V. Tamborlane, USA
Supported by a grant from Eli Lilly
ISPAD Lestradet Award for Education and Advocacy - Jean Jacques Robert, France 
Supported by Animas Corporation, of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Solutions Companies
ISPAD Prize for Innovation in Paediatric Diabetes Care - Henrik B. Mortensen, Denmark
Supported by NovoNordisk with their DAWN™Youth Initiative

ISPAD Young Investigator Award
 - A. Shah, USA
Supported by a grant from Medtronic
* Picture presents ISPAD Lestradet Award for Education and Advocacy winner - Mona Salem from Egypt and hosts of the 39th Annual Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, Gun Forsander and Ragnar Hanas.