ISPAD Questionnaire - Lipoatrophy

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Katarzyna Gajewska
ISPAD Questionnaire - Lipoatrophy

Dear Friends

The huge number of reactions on the topic of lipoatrophy has been an incentive to obtain more data and more details on this apparently increasing problem. The fact that so many of you have been confronted with it led to our decision to develop a short questionnaire (in XLS, attached) on this topic.

Click here for downloading the questionnaire.

We really would appreciate your feedback and filled out questionnaire within shortly to allow a discussion on this topic at the next ISPAD annual conference. Please mail your reply before May 24th.

Looking forward to your reaction
on behalf of Olga Kordounouri, Georgeanna Klingensmith, Johnny Ludvigsson, Carine de Beaufort

Kind regards

Gun Forsander, MD, PhD
Division of Diabetes
The Queen Silvia Children´s Hospital
Sahlgrenska/Ostra University Hospital
S-416 85 Göteborg, Sweden
Tel: +46/31/3438247