New Membership Fees in July

New scale of membership fees worked out by Steering Committee

Following the member's decision at the ISPAD General Assembly (Istanbul, Turkey, October 12, 2012) the ISPAD Steering Committee has worked out a new scale of membership fees taking into consideration both profession and country of residence. This was not included in the past, but will now be realized with a clear differentiation of profession categories such physician, psychologist, nurse, dietitian, other healthcare professional, and student.

An increase in the membership fee will allow more activities within the mission as charity, and will ensure sustainabilty of ISPAD activities.

One very new customization will be the possibilty to save money by paying the membership fee for 3 years in advance. Also new will be the possibility to choose whether the Pediatric Diabetes Journal shall be received by postal mail, or - available soon - paperless by email only.

The new fees will officially be relevant with the new ISPAD membership year, starting July 1, 2013.

[Upon application to the Treasurer, consideration will be given to reducing the membership fee for members with economic difficulties.]

The new scale of membership fees will be as follows:
Profession Membership Fee
for 1 year
Membership Fee
for 3 years
Physicians $ 200,00 $ 480,00
Psychologists $ 200,00 $ 480,00
Nurses $ 130,00 $ 310,00
Dietitians $ 130,00 $ 310,00
Other Healthcare Professionals $130,00 $ 310,00
Students $ 75,00 n. a.