Pediatric Diabetes Recommends in April

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  • Viruses and type 1 diabetes: a new look at an old story. Maria E Craig, Sandhya Nair, Hayley Stein and William D. Rawlinson.
  • The "Glucositter" overnight automated closed loop system for type 1 diabetes: a randomized crossover trial. Revital Nimri; Thomas Danne; Olga Kordonouri; Eran Atlas; Natasa Bratina; Torban Biester; Magdalena Avbelj; Shahar Miller; Ido Muller; Moshe Phillip and Tadej Battelino.
  • Acceleration of Insulin Pharmacodynamic Profile by a Novel Insulin Infusion Site Warming Device. Eda Cengiz; Stuart A. Weinzimer;  Jennifer L. Sherr; Eileen Tichy; Melody Martin; Lori Carria; Amy Steffen; William V. Tamborlane.
  • Home urine C-peptide creatininge ratio (UCPCR) testing can identify Type 2 and MODY in pediatric diabetes. Rachel EJ Besser; Beverley M. Shields; Suzanne E. Hammersley; Kevin Colclough; Timothy J. McDonald; Zoe Gray; James JN Heywood; Timothy G. Barrett; Andrew T. Hattersley

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