Presidents Blog

We would like to encourage you to read ISPAD Presidents Blog.

Stephen Greene wrote his opinions about ISPAD main aim: advocacy in childhood and adolescent diabetes in conjunction with new proposition - ISPAD Declaration of Kwa Zulu. Click this link if you want to read this post. The newest post is called 'History and insulin: what lessons can be learnt?'

If you agree or disagree with Stephen, if you want to comment, add something or critisize - feel free to do it on theĀ ISPAD internet forum (be aware, that you must be logged in).

Stephen Greene is the current President of ISPAD. He is a Professor of Child & Adolescent Health at the University of Dundee, Scotland and has been a member of ISPAD since 1990. He would be delighted for any engagement with his Blog but would ask you respect the normal and accepted rules of civilised debate and criticism. He will try to comment on all aspects of Diabetes in the Young, but cannot engage in specific discussion of clinical care or management.