Renew your personal Membership now!

As of the beginning of our new ISPAD Membership Year 2013/2014, a new range of membership fees became applicable for all members. This new scale has been worked out by the ISPAD Steering Committee according to the members' decision made at the ISPAD General Assembly (Istanbul, Turkey, October 12, 2012). It now takes into consideration both profession and country of residence as well as a clear differentiation of profession categories such as physician, psychologist, nurse, dietitian, other healthcare professional, and student.

As a consequence of these changes, a few customisations to the online ISPAD Membership System have become necessary, and have been completed by the ISPAD Secretariat successfully within the last few weeks. As an ISPAD Member can now renew your personal ISPAD Membership through the online system very easily.

To renew your membership for the ISPAD Membership Year 2013/2014 just follow the 5 simple steps as stated below:

  • Please go to the ISPAD website: and login to your personal profile.
  • Once you have logged in, please click the button, "Renew Membership" or "Become a Member". You will then be re-directed to a new page, and you will be asked to update some of your membership information.
  • Now, please select your profession, choose whether you would like to receive the members' journal by postal mail or an electronic version.
  • Also, please select if you would like to pay your membership fee for one year only, or for three years in advance to save money.*
  • Once this quick questionnaire has been finished, you can make your membership payment through the online system.**

* You can save up to 20% if you are paying your membership fee three years in advance.
** Full payment (for physicians, psychologists and industry representative) can be made directly. If you are requesting a reduced membership rate (Nurses, Dieticians, Other Healthcare Professionals and Students) we would need a proof of your current status. Upon approval you will receive a discount code from the secretariat in order to benefit from the reduced rate.