Science School

10th Science School for Healthcare Professionals 2013 - Gothenburg, Sweden

Application has been closed.

10th Science School for Healthcare Professionals is held in Gothenburg, Sweden. Just before the 39th ISPAD Annual Conference: 13-15 October 2013.

14th ISPAD Research School for Physicians

2014 ISPAD Research School for Physicians is sponsored by Sanofi. The convener of this annual program is Lori Laffel. This intensive week of research training will take place at the Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.

11th ISPAD Science School for Healthcare Professionals 2014, Toronto, Canada

We are pleased to announce the 11th ISPAD Science School for Healthcare Professionals which will take place three days before the annual ISPAD Conference in Toronto in September 2014.

15th ISPAD Research School for Physicians, Italy 2015

19-24th April 2015, Milan, Italy

We invite pediatric endocrinology/diabetes fellows and early pediatric endocrinology/diabetes faculty from around the globe to attend the 15th annual ISPAD Science School for Physicians. The Science School will take place in Milan (Italy), on 19-24 of April, 2015. Professor Andrea Scaramuzza will convene the meeting, which will take place at the Luigi Sacco Hospital. 

2006 ISPAD Science School for Physicians

22. Oct 2006 - 26. Oct 2006, Tours, France

The aim of the ISPAD Science School is to provide junior physician-scientists (fellows and junior faculty) from around the world, who are in the early stages of their research careers, an opportunity to develop their skills in diabetes research in children and adolescents.

2007 - 4th ISPAD Science School for Health Professionals

23. Sep 2007 - 25. Sep 2007 10:00, Berlin starting in the afternoon of Sunday September 23rd , preceding the 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting of ISPAD.

The 3 day meeting is designed for nurses, dietitians, psychologists, social workers and podiatrists (not MD’s) who have or wish to develop a research interest and expertise in diabetes in young people. The School will give participants an understanding of research methodologies, qualitative and quantitative statistics and