As readers of this Blog may have realised, one of my favorite reference sites is the “Urban Dictionary”. (As all good clinical scientists I have to declare any conflicting interests and I can honestly say I have no shares in the UC Company or know nothing about its organisation. I just like its irreverence!). I looked up its definition of a “Committee” and it certainly lives up to its impertinence. A committee is: “A group of people that forms when the stupidity of one person won’t suffice”; and for good measure “Committees are the foundation of bureaucracy”.

ISPAD Newsletter Spring 2010

Dear ISPAD members,

On behalf of the ISPAD Steering Committee, I wish to update you on the recent (Spring 2010) developments.

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ISPAD Newsletter Winter 2003


Seasonal greetings at the end of 2003 to all our members old and new and best wishes for the festivities of Christmas and New Year.

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2009 ISPAD Science School for Physicians

The 2009 Science School for Physicians will be hosted by the Department of Paediatrics, University of Cambridge and will take place between the 15th and 20th November 2009 at Madingley Hall, Cambridge, UK.


Vanelli M, Chiari G, Ghizzoni L, Costi G, Giacalone T, Chiarelli F. Effectiveness of a prevention program for diabetic ketoacidosis in children. An 8-year study in schools and private practices. Diabetes Care 1999;22:7-9.

ISPAD/IDF DKA prevention poster

The incidence of DKA at onset ranges from approximately 15-80% in different parts of the world. The lower numbers are usually from countries with a higher incidence, thereby having a greater public awareness of the warning symptoms. Professor Vanelli from Parma, Italy, published already in 1999 results from a very successful campaign. Posters were displayed in schools, at GP offices and pediatric centers 1991-1997. The frequency of DKA at onset of diabetes in the age group 6-14 years decreased from 78% to 0% after 1992. Information on these results can be downloaded below.