Chapter 2: Presentation and phases of diabetes

Jennifer Couper, Kim Donaghue. Published in Pediatric Diabetes 2009(Suppl 12);10:13-16.


The 2009 ISPAD Clinical Practice Consensus Guidelines have now been published as a compendium in a Supplement to Pediatric Diabetes. We thank the international writing teams for their efforts in writing and updating these guidelines. The editors have been: Ragnar Hanas, Kim Donaghue, Georgeanna Klingensmith and Peter GF Swift.

ISPAD Fellowships

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ISPAD Newsletter 1998

Seasonal Greetings to all members!
By the end of 1998 ISPAD is still growing stronger. By 1. November we had 431 members. We have welcomed 64 new members the last year...

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ISPAD Newsletter 2000

ISPAD has started the new millenium with growth and an optimistic vision for the future. The membership has increased in all parts of the world, the new website has improved communication, the new Consensus Guidelines for the Management of Diabetes in Children and Adolescents are finalized, the ISPAD Science School is starting, and the future Annual Meetings are well planned...

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Chapter 7: Assessment and monitoring of glycemic control

Marian Rewers, Catherine Pihoker, Kim Donaghue, Ragnar Hanas, Peter Swift, Georgeanna J. Klingensmith. Published in Pediatric Diabetes 2009(Suppl 12);10:71-81. Errata included in file.

Chapter 8: Insulin treatment

Hans-Jacob Bangstad, Thomas Danne, Larry C Deeb, Przemyslawa Jarosz-Chobot, Tatsuhiko Urakami, Ragnar Hanas. Published in Pediatric Diabetes 2009(Suppl 12);10:82-99.

2010 Consensus Statement on the Worldwide Standardization of HbA1c

ISPAD initiated the second HbA1c consensus meeting at IDF in Montreal. Download the publication in Pediatric Diabetes.

Chapter 18: Other complications and associated conditions

Olga Kordonouri, Ann M Maguire, Mikael Knip, Edith Schober, Renata Lorini, Reinhard W Holl, Kim C Donaghue. Published in Pediatric Diabetes 2009(Suppl 12);10:204-210.