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Stephen Greene wrote his opinions about ISPAD main aim: advocacy in childhood and adolescent diabetes in conjunction with new proposition - ISPAD Declaration of Kwa Zulu. Click this link if you want to read this post. The newest post is called 'History and insulin: what lessons can be learnt?'

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Pediatric Diabetes is our - ISPAD - official journal. Pediatric Diabetes is a journal, published eight times a year, devoted to disseminate of new knowledge relating to the epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, management, complications and prevention of diabetes in childhood and adolescence. The aim of the journal is to become the vehicle for international dissemination of research and practice relating to diabetes in children and adolescents.

ISPAD Declaration of Kwa Zulu

ISPAD Declaration of Kwa Zulu

Declaration of ISPAD: from Kos to Kwa Zulu

In 1993, on the Greek island of Kos, at the Annual Meeting of ISPAD a declaration of intent on how to support and serve young people with diabetes was agreed. This was published in 1994 in Pediatrics (Bruno Weber, Stuart Brink 1994; 94; A26). The details of the declaration were as follows:

Apply to Science Schools 2013!

Apply to Science School for Physicians and for Science School for Health Professionals in year 2013!

If your physician, you can apply to Science School for Physicians, which will take place in Sydney, Australia, 22 - 26 July 2013.

If you want to read more about Science School for Physicians 2013, click this link.

38th ISPAD Annual Meeting in Istanbul - Report

38th Annual Meeting of ISPAD, October 10th – 13th, 2012 (Istanbul, Turkey)
Short Report by Ragnar Hanas, former Secretary General

9th ISPAD Science School for Health Professionals in Istanbul, Turkey

It has become a tradition for dietitians, nurses, psychologists and social workers to meet before the annual ISPAD meeting to attend the ISPAD Science School for Health Professionals (SSHP). This is an international 3-day workshop providing some understanding of cutting-edge research methodologies in pediatric diabetes.

Changing Diabetes in Children training in Guinea

ISPAD is Changing Diabetes in Children in Conakry, Guinea

ISPAD 2012 Prizes and Fellowships

ISPAD's prizes for 2012 were presented at the annual meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. We thank all of you that have applied or nominated for these awards. The Prizes were awarded during the Istanbul Meeting.

2011 Global IDF/ISPAD Guideline for Diabetes in Childhood and Adolescence

The current guideline has been developed by the International Diabetes Federation and ISPAD in collaboration. We tried to develop a guideline that is sensitive to resource and cost-effectiveness issues by addressing this in different "Levels of care": Recommended care, Limited care and Comprehensive care.

We hope the guidelines will be widely consulted and will be used to: