InDesign poster for editing and translations

Large file 85MB

The posters are published with Adobe InDesign CS3.
The downloaded English zipped poster folders contains:
An .INDD file (InDesign). This is the work file you open with InDesign CS3. In this file you can make changes in the text (for example translations) of the poster or change the logos.
An .INX file (InDesign XML Interchange Document). This is for use if you have a previous version of InDesign. You can open the work file with your previous version of InDesign.
A folder with fonts. You will need to install these fonts on your system to be able to use them to make your translations in the text. For Windows, drag the fonts into your C:\WINDOWS\Fonts folder.
A folder with links. These are all the images used in the poster (logos, pictures, icons). If you place logos in the poster, please be sure that they are at least 300dpi and that they have the CMYK colour profile. (vectors - like .EPS or .AI in CMYK can also be used).

Unzip the downloded file before you open the .inx file in InDesign.