Day 1 - Wednesday, 16 October

Start End Session Type Session Titles
10:00 10:45 Opening Session

Presidents Welcome  |  Opening Lecture

ISPAD President
Stephen Greene (United Kingdom)

ISPAD Conference Presidents
Gun Forsander (Sweden), Ragnar Hanas (Sweden)

What does the future hold for a child who develops diabetes today?
Edwin Gale (United Kingdom)

10:45 12:15 Plenary session I

Prevention of type 1 diabetes – is it possible?
Chairs: Johnny Ludvigsson (Sweden), Stephen Greene (UK)

Lifestyle and insulin resistance: prevention strategies for type 1 diabetes
Terence Wilkin (UK)

Nutrional agents in the prevention of type 1 diabetes
Mikael Knip (Finland)

The environmental determinants of diabetes in the young (TEDDY) and prospects of  prevention
Ã…ke Lernmark (Sweden)

12:30 13:30 Satellite Symposium

Novo Nordisk Satellite Symposium

Childhood diabetes in developing countries: from philanthropy to sustainable solutions
Chair: Carine de Beaufort (Luxembourg)  

Carine de Beaufort (Luxembourg) 

An introduction to the Changing Diabetes in Children (CDiC) programme
Warren Lee (Singapore)

CDiC programme in action: spotlight on Bangladesh
Bedowra Zabeen (Bangledesh)

CDiC programme in action: spotlight on Guinea
Naby Balde (Guinea)


12:30 13:30 Satellite Symposium

Medtronic Satellite Symposium

Hypoglycaemia Protection: new data & new perspectives
Chair: Stephen Greene (United Kingdom)

Evidence for reduced hypoglycaemia exposure: ASPIRE In-Home Study Results
Fran Kaufman (United States)
Experience and learnings from the Pilgrim Study
Thomas Danne (Germany)

13:45 14:45 Poster Tours

Poster Tours

14:45 16:15 Symposium I

Team-work in diabetes
Chairs: Jakob Larsen (Norway), Angie Middlehurst (Australia)

What do we know about the value of team-work in diabetes?
Marit Graue (Norway)

How can team collaborate to achieve an improved outcome?
Lena Hanberger (Sweden)

How to start up diabetes teams when there are none? The Kenyan experience
Lucy Mungai (Kenya)

 14:45  16:15 Symposium II

Insulin in the neonate and infant - not enough or too much?
ESPE/ISPAD Joint Symposium

Chairs: David Dunger (UK), Lars Sävendahl (Sweden)

Neonatal diabetes; genetics and diagnosis
Pål Njølstad (Norway)

Congenital Hyperinsulinism: genes, phenotype, treatment and reversion to diabetes
Henrik Christesen (Denmark)

Neonatal diabetes: insulin and sulfonylureas for a holistic approach of the treatment
Michel Polak (France)

 14:45  16:15 Symposium III

What is the cause of cerebral edema in diabetic ketoacidosis?
Chairs: Ragnar Hanas (Sweden), Mark Sperling (USA)

Is cerebral edema caused by cellular or vasogenic edema?
Robert Tasker (USA)

How can cerebral edema during treatment of DKA be avoided?
Julie Edge (UK)

Do the guidelines need to be changed?
Joseph Wolfsdorf (USA)

16:45 18:15 Oral Session I Acute and chronic complications I
16:45 18:15 Oral Session II Acute and chronic complications II
16:45 18:15 Oral Session III Obesity, puberty and type 2 diabetes