ISPAD Nominations – Treasurer and Advisory Board

Dear ISPAD Members,

The following ten candidates have been nominated for the ISPAD Advisory Board 2014-2016. A total of four candidates should be selected- three physicians and one healthcare professional:

Click the link and see the candidates (Advisory Council Member 2014-2016)

The following candidate has been nominated for the office of Treasurer:
Click the link and see the candidate (Treasurer of ISPAD 2015-2017)

Remember that only members who have paid their membership fees for 2014-2015 will be able to vote. The outcome of the e-voting will be announced on the ISPAD Website on November 3, 2014.

Kind regards
Carine de Beaufort
ISPAD Secretary General

* Picture presents the ISPAD President (2014-2016) - Ragnar Hanas. The Advisory Council will support the President in improving diabetes care in children and adolescents