ISPAD Prizes and Fellowships 2013

Dear friends!

Very soon the registration for the annual ISPAD meeting will open. This is first of all, time for registration and abstract submission. But time is as well upon us to consider candidates for the 2013 ISPAD Prizes, made possible again by Eli Lilly and Company, LifeScan, Medtronic and NovoNordisk within their DAWN TM Youth Program.

The deadline for applications and nominations is 15th of May 2013.

ISPAD Prizes 2013:
ISPAD Prize for Achievement, the Society’s highest honor
To be awarded to any individual who has made outstanding contributions in the areas of Science, Education and Advocacy with a major impact on childhood and adolescent diabetes. It may be awarded to members or non members.
ISPAD Lestradet Prize for Education and Advocacy
This prize will be given to honor an ISPAD member who has made an outstanding contribution to education and advocacy. The  beneficiary  will give a 30 minute talk entitled the LESTRADET LECTURE, on the topic of childhood diabetes.
Candidates for these two prizes need to be nominated by ISPAD member(s).
ISPAD Young Investigator Award
Any ISPAD  member of 40 or less years, can apply for this award. The applicant should include a paper, published in a peer reviewed paper within two years prior to application and a CV including all publications. The award includes giving a 15 minute talk on the current research including the award paper during the Young Investigator lecture at the annual meeting.   
ISPAD Prize for Innovation in Pediatric Diabetes Care
This prize is for any professional, group or individual who has made a significant innovation in pediatric diabetes care. This prize puts a focus on diabetes in childhood by recognizing innovations to improve health and quality of care in children and young people. Only non commercial innovations will be considered for this prize.

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ISPAD Fellowships 2013:
Finally for those who would like to increase their knowledge and visit highly specialised centers, look at the options of the DRASH Research and Clinical fellowships!
Identify the center competent in the field you want to develop, and submit:
Ӣ    an application
Ӣ    letter of support of the Center you will visit.

Click the link and read more about ISPAD Fellowships 2013!
Deadline for applications is 15th May 2013. The selected candidates will be informed before 1st of July 2013.

Looking  forward to your reactions, applications and comments!
See you in Gothenburg at ISPAD Annual Conference 2013!

Click the link and see the website of ISPAD Annual Conference 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Carine de Beaufort
Secretary General ISPAD